Sunday, 28 October 2012

My hair timeline ♡

Some of these photos are CRINGE!!!
Starting from top left and ending at bottom right.

♡ My hair is naturally dark blonde and then I cut it into a bob.
♡ I stupidly dyed my hair dark brown (never do this if you have natural blonde hair :(( )
♡ It faded into lighter brown but I kept dying it and got a full fringe.
♡ Then I wanted my natural colour back and the hairdressers stripped it and it went a rank orange colour as you can see!! and added highlights that did nothing!!
♡ Got so fed up I dyed it semi light brown and got a full fringe again :))
♡ The semi faded into a less orangey light brown/dark blondeish colour
♡ Got a few highlights and I've been growing out my natural colour ever since.

The moral of the story is if you have light brown, or naturally blonde hair just don't bother dying it dark!!! If you want a change highlights/dip dye or going lighter are best!

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