Friday, 27 July 2012

Festival Fun ♥

Okay so Festival season is apon us and you need a good combination of style and practicality! I'm off to Bestival in the IOW so I'm already preparing the essentials.

♥ 1 Topshop bindi's for all of the festival goddess', add a bit of glitter and you'll be the bohemian queen of the whole festival!

♥ 2 Urban Outfiters all important sunnies for blocking out the rays and hiding that ongoing hangover.

♥ 3 Amerian Apparel socks keeping your feet cosy at all times!

♥ 4 EASTPAK bumbag keep your phone, loo roll, camera, lighter, money...etc etc etc on you where ever you go.

♥ 5 ASOS flower headband is perfect for adding a bit of colour and so summery!

♥ 6 last but not least WELLIES from Joules you can't go a miss with a good old green wellie, farmer chic sweetie.

If you're off to a festival or just a camping party this summer, enjoy! x

GOSH Foundation

I first bought this foundation by GOSH last year for prom as I wanted a really pale base with really bright pink blush, it ran out recently so I bought some more and I love it so much! Really light, not too thick and I mix it with a slightly darker and thicker foundation to match my skin tone perfectly and gives better coverage mixed with a thicker foundation. Only about £7 from Superdrug. Also as I mentioned before it lasts for ages and a little goes along way so for that price it's really worth it.

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Beach Bikini ☼

Bikini shopping can be such a difficult task, so I've found some simple but cute bikinis all different shapes in mutual pinks or black which would suit my colouring (pale) and would generally suit every skin tone!

♥ 1 is from ASOS it's girly and has a 'vintage' pin-up feel for those who rather steer clear of the pink!

♥ 2 is a simple but gorgeous one from American Apparel the nude tone is flattering for all skin tones and the high waisted bottoms will accentuate your curves. Possibly my favourite.

♥ 3 is from Jack Wills another polka dot one, in a cute pink for all those true girly girls!

♥ 4 is a pretty peachy pink bikini from Topshop with a simple and unique design.

♥ 5 is also Topshop, its classic, simple and stylish. Add a bit of red lippy and you'll be very Chanel darling!

Happy beaching! 

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

My week in photos

Topshop socks, polaroid of myself and Beth, strawberries and raspberries, pink false nails, Brighton beach in the evening, 3:33pm three threes!

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Weekly Wants ♥

Firstly, I don't blog very much and I'm going to try and start doing it more regularly. So this is my new post "Weekly Wants" where I'll share what I have my eye on each week!

Thierry Mugler Alien Eau de Parfum I used to have this ages ago and I miss it, I love strong perfumes and it's just so lovely. Just don't have the funds to get it...maybe it could be an AS results present (if i get good grades that is.) 

♥ Topshop lace ankle socks I have these in a peach pink colour but I'm so greedy I want all of the yummy pastel colours!!!

American Apparel dungaree shorts I have to have these for Bestival in September, they are a bit pricey (£75) for what they are but I always love how American App. sizes/clothing fits me. Just an excuse to feel like a little kid again...on that note...

Juju heeled jelly shoes Another 'kiddie' thing I want. I just can't decide black or sparkley!? Such a hard decision and if I'm really honest I secretly want some pink ones! 

What's your wish list this week? x

Monday, 2 July 2012


wanting this glittery topshop nail polish soooo much <3

Pastel nails

excuse the chipped-ness

jack wills £6

topshop £5
BarryM £2.99

BarryM lipstick

Love the fact my lipstick matches the flowers on my shorts <3 so cute!