Sunday, 26 August 2012

Weekly Wants - Autumn is Coming ♥

All the shops have now got their Autumn seasons in and the bikinis are slowly fading from the sale racks. So here is my Weekly Wants, Autumn special! (Cringe) ♥

♥ 1. I personally cannot want to wear chunky cosy socks for Autumn and Winter. These ones are from American Apparel.

♥ 2. I have lusted after a pair of Chelsea boots ever since last A/W. These ones from ASOS would be perfect!

♥ 3. I love the pattern on this duvet cover from Jack Wills, I work at one of the store and every time I see it I just want to snuggle up in it.

♥ 4. Another Jack Wills item, a classic cardigan and it's so so soft! 

♥ 5. I've been meaning to buy a pair of sparkly socks since forever and still do not own a pair :( so these ones from American Apparel shall be making an appearance in my Autumn closet. 

♥ 6 & 7. I absolutely adore these sparkly gem collars!!♥♥♥ I definitely need both of these from Topshop! The white one and the black one.

♥ 8. Benefit High Beam will give you that glow even in the colder seasons!

♥ 9. Barry M Lip Paint in Mulberry class lip colour for Autumn/Winter.

♥ 10. Barry M Lip Liner in Chocolate to accompany the Lip Paint and because my top lip isn't very full this would be perfect for me.

Monday, 20 August 2012

This Months Favorite Products ♥

Just some product which I've loved this month.
♥ Sure long lasting protection deodorant, normally I hate the smell of all deodorants but this one smells soo nice! It's peach and wild raspberry from the fragrance collection.

♥ Nailene 200 full cover nails in active square, they are the perfect size with a little bit of filing, they last for a good amount of time 4-5 days and they are just so easy to use.

♥ Escada perfume in Rockin' Rio it smells amazing, really summery and fruity. But I wish it lasted longer and smelt stronger.
"Escada Rockin Rio introduces playful accords inspired by the ultimate fruity cocktail composed of sweet and fresh fruity zests enriched with coconut. With the sound of Brazilian samba top notes dance with tangerine, pineapple and papaya with exotic coconut twist, providing a fresh, tropical opening. A heart is created of cotton candy and peach while a base closes with sandalwood and musk."

♥ Topshop nails in Ice Crush has to be my favorite nail polish right now! So sparkly!! 

♥ Bad Gal lash by benefit, this was a mini that I got free in glamour magazine and I love it! It's thick but not stinky and it doesn't dry too fast or too slow!

♥ Olay essentials double action nourishing and protecting day cream normal/dry. My skin can be oilly at times but it can also feel tight but not necessarily dry. I've used quite a few different creams but this one does the trick for me and I buy it again and again. 

♥ Garnier body hydrating lotion. The 7 day claim isn't really true for me but I like this as a daily moisturiser for my body, as it is light not too thick and heavy, it absorbs into the skin easily and it smell lovely and fresh.

♥ V05 extreme style surf sytle texturing sea salt spray. My hair is natural really wavey but when it needs extra texture this stuff is so good! It gives a really nice summery beachy wave.

♥ Batiste dry shampoo, a life safer when your inbetween washes, it get rid of any moisture near your roots. I also have mini ones which are really good for keeping in your bag. 


Nail Polish Wish List ♥

Right so I'm really in need of certain colours of nail varish at the moment like minty green, nude and lilac and I've also added a few more that took my fancy! I've ordered them into different brands.

Models own I've been lusting after models own nail polishes ever since I came across a blog post about one girls huge collection of them! I really want to use nail art pens and these ones from models own look good, with two different sized nibs for different designs. Find them here.
Also I chose some yummy pastel colours; Jade Stone Ice Cream Sundae, Lii's Pink Champagne, Lilac Dream Ice Cream Sundae and Peach Sherbet. They sound good enough to eat..Find them here

TOPSHOP If I had the money I'd buy them all but I've chosen Helter Skleter and Lead 

Butter LONDON I was bought one of their nail polish as a gift and I loved it! They are pricey but it applies with such ease and the colour comes out really well, they also have no nasty chemicals in them! Perfect ♥ I've chosen Cheeky Chops which reminds me of New York taxis! La Moss and Tart With A Heart because yet again I can't resist glitter. Also I love the packaging and branding for this company.

NYX glitter pallet

NYX glitter pallet was given to me a birthday present because I just had to have it, all those different coloured glitters!!! Such a sucker for sparkles ♥
I'm definitely bringing this to bestival, it's perfect for it.
Anyway, as I said I really love all the colours and I picked out my favorite 3. The first one is a lovely peachy pink, really summery and would look good with cream eyeshadow or with a bit of lipgloss.
The second is a deep and vibrant turquoisey blue, I have a NARS eyeshadow that would go really nicely with it!
Last but not least, one of the silvers in the pack. You can't go wrong with silver glitter!♥♥
All in all they are fun and pretty colours but I find the consistency a bit grainy and not very creamy but they are really for everyday use so that doesn't bother me too much. 


Thursday, 9 August 2012

Barry M make-up reviews ♥

♥ 1. Nail Paint, the black takes quite a lot of coats to get it looking good which is quite annoying but it's my staple black nail varnish. I'm not a fan of crackle nail varnish but if you are they do a good range of different coloured ones and also they have new "Croc effect" ones as well. 
♥ The neutral colours "Mushroom" and "Grey" are perfect for those who aren't fans of the bright colours that Barry M do, personally I like Mushroom but not so much the grey...
♥ The pinks and red are my favorites of course! My favourite nail varnish I own is "Peach Melba" such a pretty shade! That also takes a few coats, the red is another stable colour for me and the other pink I've gone off a bit but it's cute.

♥ 2. Lipsticks, unfortunately the names and numbers on the top of them have rubbed off! The peachy one is soo nice I love it! Barry M do really good colours and they are really vibrant, but the thing I don't like is they can be a bit drying for your lips so I suggest maybe lipbalm before or after you apply. 

♥ 3. Their blusher also comes is lovely colours but I'd advice to invest in a better blusher brush!!

Monday, 6 August 2012

Weekly Wants 2 ♥

This is over-due! I've been working a lot so haven't had chance to do it.
This weeks one is a beauty wants!!♥

♥ 1. Stila creme blush/lipstick I love bright coloured blushers and I'm a bit bored of my powder one, my mum used to have a peachy version and I really liked it. I love this colour.

♥ 2. But to be honest I can't afford the Stila one right now so TOPSHOP blush will have to do! I haven't tried TOPSHOP's make-up yet so I shall see what it is like compared to Stila, but their colours are quite nice as well.

♥ 3 & 4. I really like nude nail polish at the moment and I need some! I also want the entire TOPSHOP nail polish collection. So I've chosen a metallic one Suffuse and a plain nude one Mannequin I adore these colours and they would look so nice together.

♥ 5. GOSH eye shadow I'm a bit of a fan of GOSH as an affordable make-up range, and I really want to try out smokey eyes properly!

♥ 6. Chubby glitter stick. I'm a sucker for anything glittery and sparkly...also TOPSHOP packaging is so cute.

♥ 7. Bit out of my price range but I need a decent blush brush. This one is from NARS.

♥ 8. Another GOSH product, I really need to try out a primer to see if they make any difference and this one is affordable.

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Dip dye/gradient nails ♥

I love dip dye everything - hair, clothes and now nails♥
The first picture is Barry M '318 Peach Melba' with graduated Topshop nails 'Ice Crush 202' and you simply just start with a really thin layer of the glitter polish and just add more layers and more of the larger glitter piece nearer the top. Also none of these are my real nails they are 'Nailene full cover nails' which you get in packs of 200.
The second picture was my first attempt at the two tonal dipdye/gradient nails and they didn't go that well. The third picture is the my second attempt and they were much better! and then I couldn't help but add glitter to them!!♥
Basically I painted the whole nail one colour which was the Barry M one I mentioned before, leave it to dry. Then with the orange colour I poured a small amount onto a piece of paper and got a small sponge (you can buy cheap pack of them in Superdrug or Boots) plotted some of the nail polish onto the sponge and carefully sponged it on to the top of the nail working down so you get the blurred/faded edge to it.
And thats it!!♥