Monday, 26 November 2012

Fashion photography shoots

 For my A2 photography project my title is "New and Old, Fashion photography"

Shoot 1 - I looked at Norman Parkinson and David Bailey, I styled my models in a 50s/60s inspired way and used textured walls.

Shoot 2 - I looked at Andy Warhol and Corrine Day and the change of the photobooth throughout time. I edited my pictures into a photobooth grid like print.

Shoot 3 - I was focusing on the retro, 'kitsch' quality of the seaside and how the British seaside as become iconic.

Shoot 4 - I was inspired by 80s/90s fashion and the grunge trend of the 90s. I also wanted to add a more contemporary urban element to my shoot. This is why I shot it in a junk yard.

Hope you like them and I'll update about my rather shoots.

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