Thursday, 14 February 2013

French Manicure in minutes!

Hey guys so I'm going to be reviewing/raving about my new find, Elegant Touch ready painted fake nails. I'm also reviewing Nailene ultra quick nail glue.

The nails are on offer at Superdrug at the moment, buy one get one half price! Buy them here.

So to start with Elegant Touch ready painted fake nails come in all different colours, the ones that I get are the classic french manicure looking ones called Classic French in American Bare. You can get black, metallic, crackle effect...the list is endless!

I buy the short size. I apply them with Nailene Ultra Quick glue, I have found this to be the best nail glue I have used so far. The glue that comes with these nails is rubbish so I suggest you bin it and buy the Nailene one if you don't want your nails snapping off instantly (the fake ones, not your real ones!)

Also these nails come in a good size range, from x-short to x-long! I use short but I think I may buy x-short and short next time so I can mix and match sizes to fit me better. You may want to this as well if you have hard to fit nails. Also if you are a fake nail virgin then I suggest the x-short because they will get you used to having slightly longer nails. 

There are 24 nails in each set and they come in 10 different sizes, meaning that there are about two different sizes for each nail. There is two of each size so that you can wear the same size on the same nail but on the other hand if that makes any sense!? 

I first look through the nails and place them on each different nail to see which size I need, I then look at the number on the tab and find its twin for my other hand. Once I've found all the right sizes I lay them out in order so I don't get mixed up! It's very important to place each nail on your real nail to see if its a good fit. If it's too small it could easily snap off or crack. If it's too big it won't stay on either and it will go onto your skin. 

I then apply my Nailene glue to one nail, then holding the tab I press the nail onto my own. Hold for about 5 seconds and then move onto the next one. After that I clip the tabs off with nail clipper, or you can carefully twist them off. And that literally it! The perfect manicure! It's so simple and easy. They usually last about 4-7 days, and if one falls off just reapply it.

I love that they look like acrylics that you would get in a salon but for more than half the price!

I also bought a black set which I have used already so I couldn't show a picture but here is a link.
And I bought some gold metallic ones that I haven't used yet, which were half price in Superdrug. They are just like the metallic nail foils but without the fuss.

Happy Valentines Day guys!

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