Thursday, 26 July 2012

Beach Bikini ☼

Bikini shopping can be such a difficult task, so I've found some simple but cute bikinis all different shapes in mutual pinks or black which would suit my colouring (pale) and would generally suit every skin tone!

♥ 1 is from ASOS it's girly and has a 'vintage' pin-up feel for those who rather steer clear of the pink!

♥ 2 is a simple but gorgeous one from American Apparel the nude tone is flattering for all skin tones and the high waisted bottoms will accentuate your curves. Possibly my favourite.

♥ 3 is from Jack Wills another polka dot one, in a cute pink for all those true girly girls!

♥ 4 is a pretty peachy pink bikini from Topshop with a simple and unique design.

♥ 5 is also Topshop, its classic, simple and stylish. Add a bit of red lippy and you'll be very Chanel darling!

Happy beaching! 


  1. Wow, thanks for the help! Going to look into buying a high-waisted bathing suit. They are SO cute!
    I'm very new so it would mean a lot if you check out my blog and/or follow me on bloglovin'.

  2. Yeah so cute! yeah i'm following you already :) x