Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Weekly Wants ♥

Firstly, I don't blog very much and I'm going to try and start doing it more regularly. So this is my new post "Weekly Wants" where I'll share what I have my eye on each week!

Thierry Mugler Alien Eau de Parfum I used to have this ages ago and I miss it, I love strong perfumes and it's just so lovely. Just don't have the funds to get it...maybe it could be an AS results present (if i get good grades that is.) 

♥ Topshop lace ankle socks I have these in a peach pink colour but I'm so greedy I want all of the yummy pastel colours!!!

American Apparel dungaree shorts I have to have these for Bestival in September, they are a bit pricey (£75) for what they are but I always love how American App. sizes/clothing fits me. Just an excuse to feel like a little kid again...on that note...

Juju heeled jelly shoes Another 'kiddie' thing I want. I just can't decide black or sparkley!? Such a hard decision and if I'm really honest I secretly want some pink ones! 

What's your wish list this week? x

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