Sunday, 28 April 2013

Beauty | Topshop Lipsticks

This post is just a little rave/rant about how much I love Topshop make up and in particular the lipsticks. I have three colours but I defiantly want them all!

First off I love the packaging, really different and stylish. And they would have to be for Topshop as they are so big on trends and style. I also love the colour range that they do, they are all really pretty colours and you are bound to find one (or several) for your skin tone. I very much love my pinks and nudes at the moment and these colours from Topshop are perfect. The formular is creamy and moisturising but with good colour pay off. 

Whimsical is a lovely peachy pink colour which is a great very day colour. Saint is a light pinky nude and I would say this one is more sheer that the other two which are very opaque. Tease is a bluey/violet toned pink which is very vibrant and gives a lovely statement lip. 

The only downside to these are that the packaging gets dirty very easily as you can probably tell from the first photo (I bought Saint the other day).

Also I have just discovered they have a new sort of lip product called Lip Bullet, I will definitely be purchasing one (a few) of those.


  1. such pretty lipsticks. i really like whimsical. i've never actually tried any topshop lipsticks but i will when i'm in gothenburg this summer cause they have a topshop.

  2. i watched your youtube video 'getting ready with me' and I love your topshop busher! which shade is it called? x

  3. I really need to buy a topshop lipstick! Lovely review :) xx