Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Gym Essentials

Hey guys, so I've been going to the gym lately and I want to make a habit of going every week. I wanted to share a few essential things to bring to the gym with you. I live two minutes from my gym which is so lucky!

1 American Apparel 2 pack Sweatpants | these are perfect for keeping your forehead sweat free (gross I know) but everyone gets sweaty and gross in the gym!

2 iPod nano armband | you can obviously get  different versions of this for different iPods and iPhones, but this is such a handy thing to bring to the gym. Sometimes the music that plays in the gym is rubbish and you just wanna listen to your own stuff.

3 Sweaty Beauty water bottle | water is an absolute must in the gym and why not buy a water bottle that looks cute too!

Absolute Abs iPhone app | I downloaded this app recently and it so good! It's like having a personal trainer in your pocket. It's all ab work, so cruches etc. It gives you set exercises and counts down the amount of time you should do it for and gives you short breaks inbetween. And its free!

5 Dove roll on | much needed before and after the gym.

6 Rimmel Stay Matte powder | just for a little touch up after your workout and to rid you of any shine.

7 Collection 2000 concealer | my fave concealer, for a little touch up.

8 Simple facial wipes | if you'd rather take your make up off and feel fresh, these are my usual wipes just because they are soft and not dry and horrible like most wipes!

9 Carex Hand gel | this is much needed after touching all the equipment. 

So there you go, some essentials for your gym bag! Happy Wednesday x  

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