Sunday, 6 January 2013

Spend or Save? MAC Studio Sculpt VS Revlon Colorstay

I have recently bought two new foundations one of which is the MAC Studio Sculpt in NC15 and the other is Revlon Colorstay in 110 Ivory. The two are quite different but I do like them both. I am going to review both in this post and go through any pros and cons.

First off I'm going to talk about the MAC Studio Sculpt that comes in a 40ML tube at a price of £24.

This foundation is a gel formula which makes it really creamy and thick but it's lightweight on the skin. I really like the texture of it. The smell is quite strange, it smells a bit like paint with a sort of sweet smell as well. The tube packaging is really handy for squeezing the right amount out. It's a medium to high coverage foundation, so you can build it up or wear a thin layer to get a medium coverage. It has a dewy/satin finish and it's really good for dry to normal skin types, so if you have oily skin this is a no no! I find that I have to set this foundation with powder because it transfers quite easily and it doesn't last that long through out the day! I find that it can cake around some of my more oily parts of my face like around my nose and chin (I have combination/normal skin).  For some reason I still like this foundation because of the texture and I just love putting it on my face!

So to summarise I'm going to list the main pros and cons about this foundation.

- Gel formula gives a really nice creamy texture.
- Gel formula gives a flawless finish.
- Good coverage but not heavy on the skin.
- The tube packaging is really good to get the right amount of product out.
- For £24 I think it's good value for money, 
you get more than the average foundation (40ML instead of 30ML) and you can use it all up as it's in a squeezable tube bottle.
- Large and good colour range.

- Some people may not like the strange smell it has but I weirdly like it...
- You have to set this foundation with powder otherwise it slides really easily!
- It doesn't last that long and cakes in areas.
- Transferes easily. 
- One of MAC's most expensive foundations.

Next up is the Revlon Colorstay that comes in a 30ML bottle at a price of £12.49, which is a higher price for highstreet/drugstore foundations. 

This is a liquid foundation which feels a lot less thick and more lightweight than the MAC foundation. It comes in a glass bottle without a pump which is annoying! But this foundation is a drugstore gem, it gives a really good medium to high coverage. I never really need to set this with powder and it pretty much lasts all day. This foundation also comes in two different formulations, one for normal/dry skin and the other for oily skin so you can buy the perfect one for you!

- Good price for a really good foundation.
- Lasts a long time.
- A good colour range for a drugstore foundation.
- Lightweight but good coverage.
- Comes in formulations for normal/dry skin and oily skin.
- Don't need to set it with powder.

- Doesn't have a pump so it isn't easy to get the right amount of product out.
- Slightly more expensive than the average drugstore foundation.

I really do like both of these foundations but I think the clear winner is Revlon Colorstay and I will definitely be repurchasing it as a staple foundation. I really want to buy Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation because I've heard amazing things about it. I would definitely recommend both of these foundations but I am a big fan of the Revlon Colorstay.


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