Thursday, 2 August 2012

Dip dye/gradient nails ♥

I love dip dye everything - hair, clothes and now nails♥
The first picture is Barry M '318 Peach Melba' with graduated Topshop nails 'Ice Crush 202' and you simply just start with a really thin layer of the glitter polish and just add more layers and more of the larger glitter piece nearer the top. Also none of these are my real nails they are 'Nailene full cover nails' which you get in packs of 200.
The second picture was my first attempt at the two tonal dipdye/gradient nails and they didn't go that well. The third picture is the my second attempt and they were much better! and then I couldn't help but add glitter to them!!♥
Basically I painted the whole nail one colour which was the Barry M one I mentioned before, leave it to dry. Then with the orange colour I poured a small amount onto a piece of paper and got a small sponge (you can buy cheap pack of them in Superdrug or Boots) plotted some of the nail polish onto the sponge and carefully sponged it on to the top of the nail working down so you get the blurred/faded edge to it.
And thats it!!♥


  1. Where do you live? I have never heard of Boots or Superdrug!

  2. England, they are large chain stores that sell beauty/health products