Monday, 20 August 2012

Nail Polish Wish List ♥

Right so I'm really in need of certain colours of nail varish at the moment like minty green, nude and lilac and I've also added a few more that took my fancy! I've ordered them into different brands.

Models own I've been lusting after models own nail polishes ever since I came across a blog post about one girls huge collection of them! I really want to use nail art pens and these ones from models own look good, with two different sized nibs for different designs. Find them here.
Also I chose some yummy pastel colours; Jade Stone Ice Cream Sundae, Lii's Pink Champagne, Lilac Dream Ice Cream Sundae and Peach Sherbet. They sound good enough to eat..Find them here

TOPSHOP If I had the money I'd buy them all but I've chosen Helter Skleter and Lead 

Butter LONDON I was bought one of their nail polish as a gift and I loved it! They are pricey but it applies with such ease and the colour comes out really well, they also have no nasty chemicals in them! Perfect ♥ I've chosen Cheeky Chops which reminds me of New York taxis! La Moss and Tart With A Heart because yet again I can't resist glitter. Also I love the packaging and branding for this company.

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