Thursday, 9 August 2012

Barry M make-up reviews ♥

♥ 1. Nail Paint, the black takes quite a lot of coats to get it looking good which is quite annoying but it's my staple black nail varnish. I'm not a fan of crackle nail varnish but if you are they do a good range of different coloured ones and also they have new "Croc effect" ones as well. 
♥ The neutral colours "Mushroom" and "Grey" are perfect for those who aren't fans of the bright colours that Barry M do, personally I like Mushroom but not so much the grey...
♥ The pinks and red are my favorites of course! My favourite nail varnish I own is "Peach Melba" such a pretty shade! That also takes a few coats, the red is another stable colour for me and the other pink I've gone off a bit but it's cute.

♥ 2. Lipsticks, unfortunately the names and numbers on the top of them have rubbed off! The peachy one is soo nice I love it! Barry M do really good colours and they are really vibrant, but the thing I don't like is they can be a bit drying for your lips so I suggest maybe lipbalm before or after you apply. 

♥ 3. Their blusher also comes is lovely colours but I'd advice to invest in a better blusher brush!!

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  1. I love Barry M nail polish.. Never tried their lipsticks though.. Will have to give them a go :)

    Claudia X