Monday, 20 August 2012

NYX glitter pallet

NYX glitter pallet was given to me a birthday present because I just had to have it, all those different coloured glitters!!! Such a sucker for sparkles ♥
I'm definitely bringing this to bestival, it's perfect for it.
Anyway, as I said I really love all the colours and I picked out my favorite 3. The first one is a lovely peachy pink, really summery and would look good with cream eyeshadow or with a bit of lipgloss.
The second is a deep and vibrant turquoisey blue, I have a NARS eyeshadow that would go really nicely with it!
Last but not least, one of the silvers in the pack. You can't go wrong with silver glitter!♥♥
All in all they are fun and pretty colours but I find the consistency a bit grainy and not very creamy but they are really for everyday use so that doesn't bother me too much. 


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