Monday, 6 August 2012

Weekly Wants 2 ♥

This is over-due! I've been working a lot so haven't had chance to do it.
This weeks one is a beauty wants!!♥

♥ 1. Stila creme blush/lipstick I love bright coloured blushers and I'm a bit bored of my powder one, my mum used to have a peachy version and I really liked it. I love this colour.

♥ 2. But to be honest I can't afford the Stila one right now so TOPSHOP blush will have to do! I haven't tried TOPSHOP's make-up yet so I shall see what it is like compared to Stila, but their colours are quite nice as well.

♥ 3 & 4. I really like nude nail polish at the moment and I need some! I also want the entire TOPSHOP nail polish collection. So I've chosen a metallic one Suffuse and a plain nude one Mannequin I adore these colours and they would look so nice together.

♥ 5. GOSH eye shadow I'm a bit of a fan of GOSH as an affordable make-up range, and I really want to try out smokey eyes properly!

♥ 6. Chubby glitter stick. I'm a sucker for anything glittery and sparkly...also TOPSHOP packaging is so cute.

♥ 7. Bit out of my price range but I need a decent blush brush. This one is from NARS.

♥ 8. Another GOSH product, I really need to try out a primer to see if they make any difference and this one is affordable.


  1. Love the makeup choice Hun x

    I'm doing a Yale ring giveaway soon, follow if you like x

  2. Thanks! and I shall check out your blog! x

  3. Gorgeous products, especially the cream blushes! x Nice blog :)

  4. Thank you, just followed you on bloglovin! I love your banner at the top of your blog x