Monday, 24 December 2012

Black Glitter Gradient Nails

I had an 'Outta Space' themed party to go to this weekend and my look was inspired by the galaxy/starry night sky. To be fair if I had more time I would of gone all out and bought some white leggings and long sleeved top and ironed on a NASA logo but there just wasn't enough time! Sigh.
So I'm going to show you how I did my 'Space' nails!
It's so simple, you just need a base colour maybe black, purple, dark blue whatever you want and a glitter nail polish. For mine I used Barry M Black Multi Glitter, which is a black with tiny bits of silver glitter in it. For my glitter polish I used Topshop Nails Ice Crush, which has small bits of glitter and then larger pieces as well. They are silver but they change all different colours in the light! I know that Barry M do a similar nail polish to it so if you want a cheaper one then thats a good alternative. 
I used fake nails so the first step would be to glue them all on and file them down or if you want to use your natural nails thats fine also! Then paint on the your base colour, in this case the Barry M Black Multi Glitter and wait for that to dry completely. Then with the glitter polish scrape any excess polish off the brush and try to get the larger pieces of glitter off the brush, then paint a thin layer from the bottom of the nail to the top. Now get a bit more glitter polish on the brush and do this again but paint it from about half way on the nails upwards. Now go crazy and get loads of larger pieces of glitter on your brush and paint a thick layer at the top of the nail. I found that it helped to dap the glitter on at the top of the nail so a lot of glitter builds up there. Thats it! Magic! These nails would be perfect for NYE or with a red base colour for Christmas!

Happy Christmas Eve everyone! x

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