Monday, 31 December 2012

Christmas Beauty Haul: Part 4 Nails

Here is part 4, sorry it's a bit late! Happy NYE!
First is American Apparel Glitter nail polish in Constellation with long strands of silver glitter. The actual nail polish is clear so this would look good over any coloured base. I also love the packaging that AA's nail polish comes in.
Next is Butter London in Tart with a heart which I'm in love with! The glitter is quite fine and the colour is mainly gold but obviously changes in the light. This looks really good over a nude colour and gives a rose gold sort of colour. I really rate Butter London nail polishes in general and hopefully getting another one soon.
Next up is Maybelline Forever Strong Pro from the new metallic collection. I don't think these nail polishes have names but this is a high shine purple colour, I haven't used it yet and purple isn't a usual nail colour for me but I'll be nice to try it out soon.

That's it for my nail polishes! One last post will be about some of the other beauty bits that I got. x

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