Friday, 28 December 2012

Christmas Beauty Haul: Part 1 Face

I was lucky enough to receive some lovely beauty bits for Christmas. I'm doing this post in parts because there is quite a lot, I've divided it into Face, Eyes, Lips, Nails and Other. Some of the stuff I haven't had chance to try out properly but I shall do more in depth reviews on a few products at some point.
First are two foundation that I bought myself after Christmas, I wanted to try out new foundations so I looked up some reviews on the best drug store foundations. These two seemed to be winners so I thought I'd try them. I've tried the Revlon Colorstay so far and I really like it. It stays on well and gives good coverage. They also come in different formulations, one for Normal/Dry skin and then one for Oily skin.
Next is the MUA primer, which was a nice little stocking filler. I haven't really used Primer before and didn't see much point but this one has so far worked for me. It kept my make up on for longer and looking flawless. 

The Origins Clear Improvement face mask was one I have been wanting for ages and finally got it! Yay! I haven't yet tried it but I will soon and I shall do a review on it. I also got Mud Therapy from Superdrug as a stocking filler, I will be interesting to see how the two compare, I may also feature this in an up coming review along side the Origins mask.

Lastly is the MUA Pro-Brow eyebrow kit. As you can see I have tried this out already! (Sorry for the messy palette) this is a handy and easy eyebrow kit which is very good for the low prices that MUA charge. I want to upgrade soon and get a more high end eyebrow set, but this is a good one to have.

That was all the face products, I shall do the other parts to my Christmas Beauty Haul shortly! x

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